Submit Your Film

Guideline-reviewPlease follow the below steps very carefully.

  1. Review the submission categories
  2. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page
  3. Export your movie file (QuickTime preferred) and place it on a USB stick. Formats should be either .mov or .m4v .
    1. Label your film in this way…Save File as:   (Division).(Category).(Student Name).(School Initials).mov     
  4. Print off the confirmation email you received form your form submission below.
    1. Put the USB stick and the signed/filled out submission guidelines form into an envelope
  5. Hand the USB, envelope, form, etc. to your schools’ film representative.  Contact us if you need a representative.

All entries are due Monday, March 10 and no later to one of the S2F2 directors at your school. If unknown, ask the teacher that is most involved in film to submit for you. First time directors: please email for further instructions.

Directors, send the films in by Friday March 15th, or earlier.


  COSTS:RMB 200 Friday/Saturday

                RMB 100 Saturday only


Questions?  Email us at:

Official Submission Form