Presenter: Jim Fields

Asia Regional Director / Senior Producer, STUDIO OUTPUT | Beijing

Jim is a fluent Mandarin speaker who currently runs the Beijing office for Studio Output, one of the most exciting creative agencies doing work in mainland China. Jim is an expert at creating outstanding video content for both brands and individuals. He has been working in China since 2009.

Jim joined Studio Output in 2013 to oversee the company’s expansion into China – beginning with opening the Beijing office. His two key passions are: 1) moving images and 2) all things Chinese. Jim has a deep background in Mandarin Chinese, having studied it in various academic settings since 2004.

Jim’s career began when he started working for Adobe in Silicon Valley, designing presentations, videos, and other graphical assets for the company for use in worldwide conferences and events.┬áIn 2009, Jim moved to China. After this, he spent time at Nokia, producing a wide variety of futuristic content for the Nokia Research Center. Shortly thereafter, Jim became the lead video producer for RB (Reckitt Benckiser) in Beijing – producing dozens of viral videos for RB’s brands, including household names like Dettol, Veet, and, a variety of other FMCG products.

Jim has created a wide variety of Chinese language content that has garnered millions of views across various platforms in China and internationally.

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