2014 Winners post



1)  “Playground Safety” by Abbey Girdner – SCIS

2)  “Rumors to Stop” by Selena, Isabelle, and Morgan – CISS

3)  “Stop Making Pollution” by Harper Mae Skeels – SCIS AND “Don’t Waste Water” by Natalie Walton – CISS


1)  “The Awesome One” by Ella White and Dylan White – CISS

2)  “Cyberbullying Must Stop” by Wright Gao, Abigail, and Grace – CISS

3)  “YK Pao Daily News” by Coco Malo Yolando and Shelly – YK Pao


1)“Kid War 3” by Morse Hampton – CISS

2)  “Freedom or Death” by Parinia Haste – CISS

3)“Basketball Kid” by Horseman – Sino Link


1)  “Toothpick Woman” by Selena Morse – CISS

2)  “An Alien” by Andrew, Jacky, John Z, and John J -YK Pao

3)  “I Found a Secret Room” by Zoe, Aina, and Sunny – YKPao AND “Happy Hour” by Horseman – Sino Link

Beyond Shanghai

1)  “Pea Princess” by Mini Li – Sino Link

2)  Sam Cai Sino Link




1)  “Sometimes people are bit tired” by Kevin Jin and Eric Zhang– CISS

2)  “Just Do It” by Henry Cheng – CISS

3)  “Gaming Addiction” by Josh Gotbetter and Brandon Paradiso – CISS

Video Art

1)  “Identity 2.0” by Kevin Jin – CISS

2)  “Time” by Tyler Rasmussen – CISS

3)  “Hectic Shanghai” by Rebecca Yang – CISS

Music Videos

Demons” by Ashley Wu – DCS Beyond Shanghai

“Prayer for MH370” by Victoria Li – Sino Link Animation

1)  “Abraham’s Sacrifice” by Elle and Jasmine – CISS AND “Plaited Origami Polyhedra” by Alex Ju – DCS

2)  “The Dreamer” by Isabella Fincher – DCS

3)  “Ponggori” by Jasmine and Elle – Concordia


1)  “Soldiering in Vietnam” by Emersyn Lyon – CISS

2)  “Native Americans” by Hunter Torolski– CISS

3)  “Nanjing Massacre” by Jarita Chen – CISS


1)  “Justin Time” by Sofie Fella – SASPX

2)  “The Diary” by Avani Chandak – SASPX

3)  “Harry’s Room” by Sam Putnam, Kevin Jin and Joshua Shou – CISS AND “Thank you for God’s Love” by Jordan Eliason and Lindsay – CISS


• Best Overall: “Demons” by Ashley Wu – DCS AND “Soldiering in Vietnam” by Emersyn Lyon – CISS




1)  “Cyberbullying” by Simon Park, Victor Van Damme, and Angelo Young – SASPD

2)  “Time Box” by Jack Worthington, Mindy Liu, and Jamie Hahn – CISS

3)  “Sleep Deprivation” by Alan Liang, Curtis Xuan, and Alex Atkinson – SASPX


1)  “Untitled Animation” by Mulan Fu – SASPX

2)  “The Palace” by Carolyn Chen – SASPD

3)  “Electronic Cubes” by Simon Park – SASPD

Video Art

1)  “Outskirts” by Owen Voge – SASPD

2)  “Shanghai Hongqiao Airport” by Hugo Sin – SASPD

3)  “Hmm!” by Alan Liang and Curtis Xuan – SASPD

Music Videos

1)  “Radioactive” by Noah Browne – SASPX

2)  “Life in Color” by Jessica Jiang, Megan Thielman, and Nathan Tjahjadi – CISS

3)  “Innocent” by Alan Liang, Curtis Xuan, Alex Atkinson, and Rishi Pant – SASPD

Beyond Shanghai

1)  Chris Corl (In Animation)

2)  One” by Maria Paek (Narrative)

Narrative – COMEDY

1)  “Check” by Sebastian-DeMarino – DCS

2)  “A Day in the Life” by Richie Ferranti – SCIS

Narrative – ACTION/SCI-FI

1)  “Orion” by Andy Su – SCIS Pudong

2)  “Freeze Ray” by Helen Wong – SASPX

3)  “The Dream, Dream Black” by Yi – BISS

Narrative – HORROR

1)  IB – “Birthday Gift” by Morgan – BISS

2)  “Zombie Horror” by Shawn Ci, Marina Siu, and Celine Brice-Renaud – SASPX

3)  IB – “Bits & Pieces” by Arne Janssen and Louie Evans – BISS

Narrative – DRAMA

1)  “Languor” by Spencer and Noah Browne – SASPX

2)  “Take Care” by Matthew Tan – DCS

3)  “California Waiting” by Drake Li – CISS AND “Gray’s Ice Cream” by Emily Dillemuth and Ellen Jin – CISS


1)  “In Sickness and In Health” by Johnathan Chen – CISS

2)  “Sidewalk Surfers” by Bennet Held– BISS

3)  “Urban Ninjas” by Andrea Tromborg and Lucas Marchiondo – BISS



• Best 3D Film: William Wang and Yi Jia Zhang – Ping He

• Best Acting: “Languor” by Spencer Browne – SASPX

• Best Original Score: “Untitled Animation” by Mulan Fu – SASPX

• Best Screenplay: “Fine Line” by Arne Janssen – BISS

• Best Visual Effects: “Orion” by Andy Su – SCIS PX

• Best Cinematography: “Shanghai Hongqiao Airport” by Hugo Sin – SASPD

• Best Editing: “Radioactive” by Noah Browne

• Best Sound: “In Sickness and In Health” by Johnathan Chen – CISS

• Best Director: “Orion” by Andy Su – SCIS PX

• Best in Show (non-IB): “Orion” by Andy Su – SCIS PX

• Best in Show (IB): “How It Ends” by Luke Kao – SASPX


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