Middle School Winners

Middle School Winners

  • Music Video:

1st Place-DCS  Ashley Wu for Paradise
2nd Place- SASPX  Avani Chandak
3rd Place-CISS Tommy Lynch for Break Even
3rd Place-DCS  Imogene Jones

  • Video Art:

1st Place-SASPX  Michelle Sun for New York, Shanghai
2nd Place-SASPX  Chuli Roules for Wishbox

  • PSA:

1st Place-DCS.  Sebastian DeMarino for Gaming Addiction
2nd Place-CISS  Alan Su for Axe Effect

  • Documentary:

1st Place-SASPX Ethan

  • Animation:

1st Place-SAS  Caroline Zhu  The Disgrace of Being Perfect
2nd Place-SAS  Kober Lambert for Episode Trash

  • Narrative:

1st Place-For Sarah by Harrison Li
2nd Place-SAS  Sofie Fella
3rd Place-CISS Nick Law for Swag No Swag

  • Best in Show for middle school:

Harrison Li  For Sarah